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If I want your opinion...

... I'll beat it outta you!

Ms. Rock Star Jenn
22 November
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"If you treat a woman like a dog, she's gonna piss on you" - C. Love

if i want your opinion
i'll beat it outta you

I'm a 21 y.o Postgrad student, studying cinema studies. I'm writing a thesis on the 'femme fatale' in film noir, as well as the gender politics behind the 'vamp' of the silent era. As well as a long term project on surrealist filmmaker, Maya Deren. I'm a Marxist involved in revolutionary activism. I ♥ alternative music, esp. Sonic Youth, Queen Adreena & Joy Division. As a socialist, I beleive capitalism is the epitome of all modern evil, so if you support war, sexism, homophobia or racism then get the fuck off my page! Otherwise, add me & I'll add you back, as most of these entries are friends only.

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24 hour party people, 7 year bitch, a clockwork orange, activism, alec empire, anti-capitalism, anti-war, atari teenage riot, avant garde cinema, babes in toyland, betty blue, big black, bikini kill, bitch alert, black flag, bodyart, boys who cry, bratmobile, breathless, broadzilla, buttons, cabinet of dr caligari, christina rossetti, courtney love, dadaism, daydreaming, dead kennedys, deftones, elephant, erase errata, existentialism, faust, film noir, filmmaking, foreign films, free kitten, frida kahlo, fritz lang, fucking amal, gazoonga attack, german expressionism, gia, girls, godspeed! you black emperor, guy debord, hanin elias, heavenly creatures, hole, huggy bear, hugs, ian curtis, iggy pop, jarboe, jean cocteau, jean luc godard, jello biafra, joan jett, joy division, june of 44, karl marx, kembra pfahler, kittens, lee ranaldo, lenin, listening to heartbeats, living with eating disorders, lolita, lost in translation, magic dirt, making t-shirts, man ray, marilyn manson, marxism, maya deren, merzbow, meshuggah, metropolis, mogwai, monkeys, my ruin, negative trend, niagara, nosferatu, op-shopping, oscar wilde, photography, pj harvey, playing my bass, poetry, politics, pop art, pro choice, punk, queen adreena, queer theory, rasputina, requiem for a dream, riots, roman polanski, roy lichtenstein, rumi, salvador dali, sappho, sex pistols, sid & nancy, silent movies, silverchair, simone de beauvoir, simpsons, situationists, snake river conspiracy, socialism, socialist alternative, sonic youth, stanley brakhage, stanley kubrick, stargazing, student activism, surrealism, sylvia plath, team dresch, the (international) noise conspiracy, the clash, the cure, the exploited, the misfits, the refused, the seventh seal, the virgin suicides, the wipers, theda bara, thirteen, tony cliff, trainspotting, tranquilizers, tribe 8, trotsky, two ton boa, velvet goldmine, vice squad, virgin suicides, vodka, waking life, warhol, welcome to the dollhouse, william yeats, willow trees, writing, y tu mama tambien, yeah yeah yeahs